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Not too long ago I let a bunch of you know that I was done with organising FIRE meetups. They are loads of fun, but if you have a program, food/drinks and more to organise, they are also very time consuming. Plus, I don’t get chat as much as I’d like. Fortunately, the group behind FIN-X stepped up to help out! But there is more 🙂

What’s in store for the coming months?

Utrecht – January 25, 2020

There are a few thing being organised in the coming months. The first one coming up is on January 25, 2020 in Utrecht. For tickets and details, you can check out this link (in Dutch). They only have 25 tickets (€11.20 each, drinks excluded) and I heard that it was already almost sold out. This will be a great way to have a chat with others about money, investing, mortgages and more.

Utrecht on FIRE
FIRE Meetups – Utrecht!

Rotterdam – May 10, 2020

Despite not organising “full” meetups anymore, I still would like to chat about money while enjoying something nice to eat and drink. I’m also lazy, what to do, what to do??

Well, I’m going to be at La Place Rotterdam Alexandrium on Sunday May 10, 2020. I’ll be in the restaurant (somewhere in the back) from around 12:00 till…. (probably till they close, if it’s fun enough). It’s free access, no program, just chatting and having something to eat and drink (it’s a buffet style place, so you can get your own foods/drinks).

I hope to see you there!

FIRE Meetups – Rotterdam!

France – May 29/June 5, 2020

I’ve confirmed the booking for the castle and have 12 people that will be joining so far. There are 4 more spots available at time of writing the post, albeit several people have shown interest! More details about the meetup can be found here.

This will be a very international meeting with people joining from Germany, Luxembourg and the USA. I’m still working on the final program, but it will be fun for sure. Really looking forward to it!!

Castle of FIRE – France Edition

More international FIRE Meetups

The best way for you to keep track European FIRE Meetups is via FIREHub. They have this awesome events page with loads of upcoming meetups about money & more. Check out the link above!

Did I miss any meetups? Let me know and I’ll add them in!!


  1. Hi there

    You have been writing this blog and shared a lot of useful information on your FIRE journey. I am very thankful for your generous sharing. It not only inspires but also helps me and many others.

    I am happy that you will be in Rotterdam in February. How can I meet you in person?


    1. Hey Alex, thank you for your kind words! As to the meetup, just be at the La Place Restaurant from about 12:00 onward and look for a group of people that openly discuss money. Should not be too difficult 😉 I’ll see if I can find my red baseball cap with flames. See you there!

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