I’m a FIRE Failure

Yes, it’s true. I’m a scammer and I’m a FIRE Failure! How could it have gone so wrong?! One moment I decided to quit my job. The next moment I get a new job again. Why, oh why? What’s wrong with me πŸ™‚

Public Service Announcement

Before continuing on this “I’m a FIRE failure” tour, first a public service announcement. I’d planned on doing a free FIRE meetup in Rotterdam on February 23, 2020. However, I’m not going to be able to be there as I will be abroad. New date for this free meetup will be Sunday May 10, 2020. Same time and same place!! Okay, onward to this failure thingy…

I’m a fire failure

FIRE Failure

Quick disclaimer, we are not actually FIRE yet (albeit pretty close). So technically I’m not a complete FIRE “failure”. Nor does this feel like a failure actually. Heck, it actually feels like a big win! What does? Having found new employment πŸ™‚

What’s wrong with you?

You know, I still have not been able to figure that out πŸ˜‰ I do know that I cannot do the same thing for prolonged periods of time. Since quitting my job back in early 2018, I’ve started my own coaching business. This was fun at the beginning. Making content, meeting various new people and talking money. But making “talking about money” into making actual money does not feel good. I love to talk money and help others with money, but I don’t like charging money for it. I know, I suck at being an entrepreneur!

After I put the whole coaching thing on the back-burner, I pretty much just focused on being a SAHD. A what? A Stay-At-Home-Dad. Since Mrs CF was still working (full-time and part-time respectively in her last two jobs) I was just running the household and farting around. But boy, does that get old soon! I have no idea why most stay at home parents don’t go nuts. It’s boring as heck! Since most people/friends/spouse are at work, it’s hard for me to entertain myself during the day. Yes, I actually made myself useful on many occasions for many different things, but I hope you get my point.

I know you should be cooking your own food (healthier, cheaper, etc.), but I’m really starting to dislike working in the kitchen. Laundry, another thing that starts to drive me up the wall clothesline (no, we don’t have a dryer). Where we used to do all these chores together, I now do almost all of it since I’m home and Mrs CF brings in the bacon tofu. It turns you into a bloody drone! In short, I need a change in scenery. I need more action in my life. The time to take it easy and stay home most of the time needs to end. Albeit I actually did enjoy not having any stress at all. Plus having loads of time to workout and binge watch movies.

I’m a fire failure

The Job

Enter the change in scenery! After having looked around for months for a new challenge, it seems that this week I finally booked a (small) success. I found a temporary assignment for a international construction project with potential for more. This first stint abroad will give both me and the company the opportunity to work together and see if you like each other. If we do, there is the potential for more collaboration in the future! I’m really glad for the opportunity and the ability to shake up my life again. Plus, it pays a shit load of money, which will get us to FI a whole lot faster too.

In the mean time, Mrs CF has decided that she is going to became the stay at home parent (also a first for her!) for now. Her current part-time employment will cease to exist at the end of this month. Albeit she might still be asked to work a few hours here and there. She might pick up a study to (also) become a certified financial planner, assuming my contract will be continued after this first stint abroad. Or she might look for another part-time job in another environment. Will see what happens, we are in no rush and have options.


I’m a FIRE failure and I’m happy about it! It was great to have enjoyed a long time off and explore new ventures in the past two years. But I need some action in my life too. Since we have the restriction of a kid, and our finances (as we are not yet completely FI), this barista style “FIRE” is absolutely awesome! It gives us the ability to work part-time, try new things and only take work that (we think) really makes us happy.

The freedom of taking weeks, months or years off at a time (between jobs), because you have the money, is an absolutely brilliant situation to be in! I sincerely hope that you are, or will be, in the same position (now or in the future).

Save, invest, repeat! Spread the word of freedom, and go live it!


  1. Incredibly helpful update, my friend! I have had these fears about getting bored after early retirement, and I think I’d wind up just as you have.

    It could just be that some of us simply need change-ups every so often. Work a few years in one gig, take a break for a few months, then jump back in. Why not??

    1. Right you are, some people do need change-ups more often then others. I also have to add though that if Mrs CF would have also been without work all the time, it would be far easier to stay home. It’s just being alone most of the time, that seems to be hard for me.

  2. Although I am not fire, I really get the laundry stuff and such. When I am just having few days of from work while the missus works means that the expectations are that the house is β€œclean” and such so that we have more time together in the weekend.

    So for me that never feels like a day-off, but as pretty hard work.

    We should financially reward stay at home parents :-p

  3. Have to agree with Rube. Financial independence is not about not working. It’s about having more choice of what to spend your time on.
    And like i’ve said before, failure is a lesson learned. It seems to have worked out fine!

    1. Don’t underestimate the join and relaxation of not having to work! It’s a great feeling and the lack of stress is truly amazing. That being said, you are obviously right, it’s the freedom that counts with this whole FI journey.
      Failure? Well, that’s just writing style and click-bait of course πŸ˜‰ Don’t take me to seriously.

  4. You did well.

    Contracting is certainly going to kick up your net earnings. Bit of travel can also be ok.

    Sounds like a really good move overall.

    I’m still grinding away and it’s killing me. I’m afraid to give myself the break I need with the promise that the break I eventually get will be the big one.

    Btw, off topic, but how do you calculate you FI index? Is it on the basis of free cashflow, or do you also count things like repayments on mortgages?

    1. I love the travel, really enjoy that part of it. New places, new people, new project. What’s not to like….. well maybe hotel food πŸ˜‰
      Still, you should get yourself that break. I worked really well for me and most people that have done the same. So the big brake comes a few years later, so what?

      The Cheesy Index is estimated required net worth, divided by actual net worth * 100%. If we do it on cash-flow basis, we actually came in higher last year (but fluctuates more and can be negative if we have renovations on our real estate). This as our net worth estimate is based on 4% and our actual cash-flow return is higher at around 6-7%.

      1. You’re right. I’ve done it before and it reinvigorated me, which helped in the career phases that followed.

        Alas, I’m an expat and feel vulnerable beyond the mothership in this foreign land.

        So my viable scenarios are wait for the big break or pull forward the big break. Which one I favour depends on how great my headaches are at work πŸ™‚

        Regarding index calculations, I guess you don’t include pillar 2 in NL or anything else that’s locked away until 60-something?

      2. Please let me know what you will be doing!! Be cool to know.
        To your last note, that is correct. Since it is so far in the future, I need to be able to be fully FI right now before I’m willing to pull the plug completely. The rest is a bonus/safety net!

  5. It is al about the freedom to do what you want. Even, yes even in the case that means working for money!
    Congrats mr. cheesy πŸ™‚

      1. I am planning to quit my full time job 145 days from now (yes I downloaded a count down app). Possibly I continue with part time work thereafter, will see.
        We should meet again, though you might be too busy soon for that πŸ™‚ ??

      2. Whahaha, love the countdown πŸ™‚ So you are going to have a loads of time this summer, good for you!
        I’m having a small get-together next week, I’ll send you an text with more details!

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