Blondes are Better Investors

Mrs CF is the avid reader in our household. However, sometimes Mr CF also reads a book. Yep, unpopular opinion, but I don’t really like reading books. Something with being an old millennial that never had the ability to focus. I know, the horror. But occasionally I will read one (or two). Not too long ago I was asked by the author (Janneke Willemse) to read her book called “Blondes are better investors” (Dutch – Blondjes Beleggen Beter) and give some feedback.

Now, Janneke is one smart and cool cookie and I have been following her on twitter already for some time. So I was pretty humbled that she asked me for feedback! Anyhow, I’m glad she’s decided to write a book about the topic of investing. Why? Because she made a great summary for the starting Dutch investor (book is available in Dutch only, sorry for you international readers).

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Blondes are indeed better investors. Be Blond!

What book are we talking about? Well the one below:

Who is it for?

The books is clearly written for the starting/newbie investor, it explains the basis of “everything” investing. From the basics of “what is a stock” and “what’s an ETF”, to more detailed discussions of what strategies you could implement for your investments. As well as what you should focus on is you want to be successful as an investor.

How easy to read is it?

It’s pretty easy to read. Janneke is a good writer (she is a journalist by training – who has spent a lot of time in the financial world), which makes this book widely accessible for most people that are interested in the topic.

Are blondes really better investors?

Various research does indicate that woman in general are better with investing in individual stocks. This is primarily because they take less risk and are better at keeping an eye on the longer term. Thus making fewer trade and trade with less emotion. Hence, making fewer mistake and thus get higher returns in the long run. As the author of the book is a very blond woman (but certainly not “blond”), she played around with the title of the book and has some fun with it.

Anyhow, the book gives you a few of strategies how to limit your number of mistakes (do you homework before you buy, don’t chase yield and hold for the long term). The author also tries to implement them herself too, which has worked out quite well so far (you can read up on here trading here – Dutch only).

But I’m lazy!

Not to worry if you are not interested in detailed company filings and keeping an eye on the stock market. She also clearly explains how you can by the whole candy store, and not just the cookies. But there are also ton’s of blogs and website about that topic where you can read that for free.


It’s not a great book for the die hard FIRE enthusiast, as you probably know most of what’s in the book already. However, it’s a good summary of the basics and ideal if you (or someone you know) wants to get started with stock investing.

Let me rephrase that for most of you that are in the FIRE community already, this is a great gift for everyone that does not believe you when you start about money and investing 😉


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  1. Most FIRE enthousiasts are Buy & Hold ETF/dividend investors. I know that Janneke likes individual stocks, such as Galagapos (which has turned out very well for her). Did she write anything about that, Mr. CF?

    1. Yes, she does go into more details about a few individual stocks that she owns. Including one that didn’t do so well (understatement). She gives a pretty honest review of the mistakes she made when she just started. It’s not all a success story, albeit overall she is doing rather well.

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