Looking at the bright side

Warning, the is not a financial post and filled with positive items. I’m only going to be looking at the bright side today. Read at your own risk and discretion, it might enhance your (long) weekend. Side effect might include a smile on your face and a good feeling, be warned!

Negativity < Positivity

I’m not going to name the C-word today. But due to said C-word, life is different at the moment. But in some cases, it’s better. Let’s focus on that shall we? Here we go!


In many cities around the world, skies are clear and air is safe to breath. How about that for a change! There are major drops in CO2, NOx and (ultra) fine particle emissions, which give a lot of lungs a big break (especially those that have a rough time dealing with the amount of crappy air on a “good” day). Lungs of the world are rejoicing!

Looking at the bright side – Empty Streets & Clean Air


Now that most people are home and there is limited movement on the streets, crime rates related to burglary, sexual assault and drugs have dropped (sometimes very significantly in various countries). Glad to see so many assholes not being able to be on the streets 🙂


Okay, a little bit of financial stuff then. Stocks are suddenly a whole lot cheaper then they were a while back. So you pay a whole lot less for a life without work than you did 2 months ago. Great news indeed! Even better news is that my crystal ball thinks they are going to get even cheaper! Don’t take my word on it though, there could be a crack in my crystal ball….

Accidents & Gas

Fewer car movements means fewer accidents. Heck, in some cases insurance companies actually partially refund peoples car insurance due to fewer kilometers/miles driven. That’s great news!

Another great thing is that your number of bills at the gas station will also come down. Twice! Fuel is a lot cheaper and you drive less, win win!! More money in your pocket to buy more cheap(er) investments.

Looking at the bright side – Fewer Car Accidents

Family Time

And more looking at the bright side, we can now also “enjoy” more time with family! Isn’t it great to have your kids around you 24 hours per day? It’s awesome! They never whine about anything, always make their home work, never ask questions all the time and they leave you in peace for hours on end. It’s great! I wish it could always be like this…

Wildlife Roams Free

As due to the C-work, the “human” virus also has to stay indoors, animals get the chance to roam a bit more freely at the moment. This gives some cool pictures and video’s of all sort of animals visiting areas normally busy with those annoying humans. Great to see they can claim some living space back, even if it’s just for a limited time.


As many people suddenly have no more commute, they have time to spare and go read more books. I know, for me that’s horror, but it’s great news for the far majority of people. So I guess this is positive news. Want more positive stuff, this book is highly recommended (Dutch only – Affiliate link) and gives you lots of positive thoughts and opportunities to day dream! Heck, it even gives you tools to follow said day dreams. I see another win-win here 🙂


Albeit you cannot drink with your buddies in real life, you can always resort to drinking on your own…. I Think this came out wrong?! Anyhow, cheers to my friends out there that love a beer and now have more time to enjoy one (or perhaps two) responsibly!

More good news that I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments (with link, if you please)!


  1. CF, thanks for focusing on positivities. We all need to remind ourselves that there is always opportunities in chaos.

    On the other hands, do you have any suggestions for a good read or someone I can follow to gain more knowledge in personal finance/ FIRE movement? Someone or any good books that give good knowledge for people who live in The Netherlands. Majorities of books are more for US.


    1. I personally like Geldnerd.nl, FIREme.nl and Lonnekelodder.nl for a personal story (to name just a few – check out the blogroll for more), or FinancieelOnafhankelijkblog.nl for the basics in index investing. GeenBaanMeer.nl has a great free e-book surrounding the broader journey to FIRE.
      As to books, there are not too many I could recommend (outside the US focussed stuff). But Blondjes Beleggen Beter and Het leven is te kort om op kantoor te zitten are both good reads.
      All are in Dutch.

  2. Not sure about what is available in The Netherlands, but here is the US, some streaming services have gone free for a bit. SiriusXM is free until May 15. HBO Now is also offering a lot of free stuff. And there are many places where you can find free virtual fitness classes online!

      1. Oh CF, your positivity is laced with sarcasm. You just cannot help yourself, can you? 🙂
        Personally I find it hard to stay positive. I’m doing my best though, and talking to people using digital communication helps a lot. We’re social beings at the core.
        I have noticed I have been drinking a bit more, and moving less. Something to keep an eye on. But for now I’m not going to beat myself up for it and be kind to myself 🙂

      2. Me, sarcastic? Never 😉

        But I do hear what you are saying, it’s hard to stay positive these days. Trying to keep my diet healthy, limit alcohol and keep going outside (when few people do) to still get a workout. It has helped a lot so far!

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