Barista FIRE it is!

I think I have figured it out (well, for us at least). I think I know what we need to do. The best balance in life is one of compromises. A little bit of both sides, combining the good and the bad of each to find the right mix: Barista FIRE it is!

The right work

After having worked again for about a month, 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. I made an interesting discovery, I love my work! Well this type of work anyways. Not the stuffy stuff in an office building where you do the same thing over and over again. Add a horrible commute, laundry, cleaning, and more of that kind of horror and you just drained the life out of me. This was actually why I quit my job in the first place two years ago.

Now, working on a construction site, with big equipment and actually making something cool. Having new challenges every day. You can see the progress (and the various problems). You can get away from your desk, drive around and talk to the people on site, have a laugh and come up with a plan to do it better. Oh, and virtually no commute plus you don’t need to cook. Yes, I ate in a restaurant/cafeteria every day, 3 times per day (and the food was good too!). Work-out almost every day and you don’t even need to worry about laundry. Life was good f-ing amazing!

Barista FIRE it is!

The right balance

Now, the above is fun for a certain period of time. Say about 5-7 months out of the year (for a few years). But you don’t want to get closer to 8 months (which is the “normal” 2-on-1 rotation schedule). In this case the work-life balance is off (for me anyways – I’m spoiled). You don’t see your family anymore and you do get tired as heck from all that working and travel.

Plus, it’s not just me in the household. Mrs CF might be a stay-at-home mom now, but that might again change in the future (she loves to work too). She actually just started a course so she could become a certified financial planner (or at least get the credentials and study points for her CGA/CPA designations). It’s something she does for fun (and for professional development points), because she can. The benefits of being close to FIRE and having some money to do what YOU want. It’s highly recommended to save and invest all you can! The newly found freedom is addictive.

Anyhow, for now, for us, it seems that it’s my time to work again for a while. It’s the right balance for us at this stage.

Barista FIRE to the rescue!

For now, and due to this whole virus thingy, all bets are off again as to what is going to happen in the future. But ideally I would like to continue with doing construction/site work for the coming years to get it our of my system (and earn some decent money). Because I can do this as an independent contractor, it give me more freedom (but also more risks and less certainty – hello Corona Virus) and more money. However, if I “only” can work 3-4 months per year, it’s actually kind of perfect!

Why perfect? Because it gives us more then enough money to live AND continue our path to full FI (and likely still RE, just not as “E” as originally planned, but that’s fine as we are having fun along the way!). It’s really a great balance between work, family life and FIRE at this stage in our lives. In short, Barista FIRE it is!

What’s up with you, still have a job? Any idea what’s going to happen with your job and your FIRE journey?


  1. Awesome article.
    Always love to hear when people find some work they love, and figure out how to work as well. Kind of and inspiration for me to go back to construction site too.

    1. You really should, assuming it’s possible and your family situation allows it. That latter was the reason I stopped doing what I love to do, it was a good decision, but I’m also glad that I get to chance to do work I love again!
      Thanks for the comment Loui

  2. Hi CF, long time no see.
    Congratulations on finding a new game you enjoy(ed)! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Isn’t that what makes up our lifes – the games we play (paid or not)?
    Freedom is mostly a mind game. While a sizeable financial buffer certainly helps, the “FI number” is really just a mathematical crutch. You seem to have moved beyond that.

    1. Ha, me personally, nope. But there are loads of people that would love a simple & fun job in addition to a bit of wealth to have a fulfilling lifestyle.

    2. I think being a (good) barista can be quite challenging, it’s not that simple as you would think to make a perfect espresso ๐Ÿ™‚ You have to create a good workflow and be social towards the customers at the same time. Also there are lots of flavours (coffee beans are like grapes) and techniques to explore. I’m actually considering a barista course to become one next to my day to day freelance online marketing job. Less screen, more social time ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I just love coffee so fun plays a big role as well.

      1. Hey Erwin, fair point. I don’t drink much coffee, but I can agree with you that excelling at something will take time and effort. Making a good coffee, knowing your stuff (coffee) and being a great barista will be challenging for sure! So good luck to you and your side new course!! Hope you enjoy it and are able to take up that Barista FIRE, I might even come and get a cup myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Me being an introvert, being social will definitely pose a challenge… Itโ€™s just that I like complex problems. Coffee making is not complex. Which does not mean itโ€™s easy to make an excellent one. I would just be bored quickly.

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