Life is too short to be sitting in an office

Life is too short to be sitting in an office. There are many people which consider this to be a correct statement. However, there are only very few people that actually take it seriously and do something about it. Introducing my dear friend Lonneke Lodder. Ex-office junkie, ex-city dweller, fellow beer-lover and …..blogger & writer (albeit a much better one than me!).

Another book review?

Yup, here is another (Dutch) book review! It’s Lonneke’s book called “Het leven is te kort om op kantoor te zitten”. It is freely translated as “Life is too short to be sitting in an office”. Here is how it looks (including affiliate link in case you decided you want to buy and help support this blog):


I met Lonneke a few years back on a meetup in Utrecht, and a couple more times since. However, we had already been (and still are) hanging out online for quite some time as she writes a fun blog (in Dutch). I like her and how she turned here life upside down.

She went from working and living in Amsterdam, to owning a yellow house on a hill in northern Spain. Now that is inspirational! And the best thing, she is loving it! Her books takes you along her journey how she changed her life around from city-life to rural-love.

Life is too short to be sitting in an office – The View!


Same as most of us, Lonneke had a feeling that a career in an office environment was not the pinnacle of one’s life. Albeit she did enjoy it for certain times, she did feel she was missing out at other parts of her life. She wanted to have a life surrounded with nature, a more active lifestyle, more freedom, something “new”. But she was, same as many of us, afraid to give up her well paid job and it’s perceived “security”.

Besides writing about her personal story, she interviewed (and included the stories of) a whole bunch of other inspiring people for her blog and book. What these people all have in common is that they let go of their “normal” lives and tried something new. As “scary” as that might have been. However, none of them seem to have regretted the change they made in their lives. Not even when they took a considerable drop in salary and had less money to live from.


Between her own story, and that of all the people she interviewed, there are various parallels of how people made the changes in their lives. These changes include becoming less depended on money. In short, people saved, paid off mortgages, downsized, limited clutter in theirs lives. But also simplified their lives to be less depended on the almighty Euro/Dollar. Life becomes less difficult if you can do with less money.

But besides “restricting” themselves on the money side, the opportunity side opened up too. Instead of only looking at the limitations (as most people see from their cubicle), several of these people now started to look at the opportunities out there. In order to drive change in your life, you have to try to do things you love and work out a system around those things to make it possible. It’s not always easy, but it certainly seems to be rewarding!

Life is too short to be sitting in an office – The neighbours

What, no tips or tricks?!

As we are already pretty happy with our lives and have the financial means to try new things, the book for me was purely a great read to see what others do. It was primarily entertainment.

However, for some this book will really be an eye opener regarding opportunities. The exercises in the books might help them find out more about their lives and what they could do to become happier people. It’s well written, easy to read, fun and practical (without lists of tips and tricks). If you want to change your life around, this is a perfect guide to get started. But in the end of the day, it’s you that needs to be ready for it and make the change!

Picture credits go to Lonneke Lodder!


  1. The office is the pinnacle of Taylorism for service workers. What’s not to love? And those heavenly office gardens, an euphemism for the garden of eden, are the panacea of all that is wrong with us.
    You are all naysayers. Begone!

  2. Wow *blush* thanks Cheesy! That is a wonderful resume of my book and my message. Don’t postpone happiness. And I feel especially flattered that a non-booklover like you read my book from start to finish!

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