Going Dutch

Please don’t fall off your chair (or whatever you are sitting on), because Cheesy Finance is going Dutch! I know quite a few people that are not that great at English. For them this blog is a bridge too far when it comes to reading about personal finance and FIRE. It was time to change that, it is time for a Dutch Corner on this blog!

The Dutch Corner

Don’t worry, I will just keep blogging in English. Primarily because it’s easier to write in English for me than in Dutch. Heck, I make fewer errors in English than in Dutch (and I’m not talking about typo’s that slip through). I should be ashamed, I know! But combine an education primarily in English, international career and pretty much all correspondence going in English. I simply got better at one than at the other.

Going Dutch!
It’s the Netherlands pretty?

But I have, and will continue, to add Dutch written content to my Dutch corner of this little personal finance and FIRE blog. So far I have added a few posts (technically, they are pages) about what FIRE is, what our definition is of FIRE and how much money you need. Now, this one is not as detailed as some of our tax related posts, but it does give you a bit of guidance for the Netherlands.

Topics of Interest

There are many topics of interest to me, and hopefully also to you my Dutch audience. Therefore I’ve also written some articles about the following:

In the coming months I’ll keep adding some content to this section. If you have topics that you would like to see added, or if you would like to see certain English post translated, please drop me a comment!

Going Dutch - how cheesy ;-)
Going Dutch – how cheesy 😉

What, you wrote an E-book?

Yup, I could not stay behind on the whole “if you are a famous blogger, you need to write an E-book” trend! Just kidding 🙂 But I did try my best and wrote a small (free) Dutch E-book regarding the basics of FIRE. I also added in some basics about various investment options (including explanation of the risks, benefits and drawbacks). If you are interested, visit the Dutch Corner! Let me know what you think of it.

Happy reading!

Kings Day

Now that we are talking about (the) Dutch. I almost forgot, happy Kings Day!! Have fun today, but stay safe (and at least 1,5m away from everyone else).


  1. I have enjoyed your blog in English for a very long time… but totally get that you have a significant number of readers who might be more comfortable in Dutch!

    Still want to read your adventures in English, but it sounds like a good plan!

    1. No worries Mr Tako, I will keep the main part of the blog in English, as well as all my regular posts. It’s really just a database of personal finance and FIRE knowledge that I’ve and I’m writing in Dutch.
      Thanks for being a long time reader, it’s really appreciated! Still enjoy your blog too

    1. Wat niet de bedoeling om heel veel te gaan vertalen, wil meer de basis hebben staan in het Nederlands wat betreft FIRE. De “persoonlijke” verhalen ga ik niet twee keer schrijven.

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