Funding your ideal lifestyle

Funding your ideal lifestyle, how? Before you can answer that question, you need to ask “what is your ideal lifestyle”? Once you know what the could be, you can figure out how much you need to fund it. That brings you to the next question, how to get that money? How do you make that money available to yourself in a sustainable way? Lot of questions, how to do find the answers?

The First Three Steps

Funding your ideal lifestyle?
Funding your ideal lifestyle? What, why and how?

The Step 1: what?

The first step, as noted in the introduction, is to find out what you ideal lifestyle would be. This may not be as easy as you would think. You really have to carefully determine what you really like. Because everything you “want”, probably is not a realistic goal. Perhaps first ask yourself what a ideal day would look like, or week? Once you find out what that ideal lifestyle would look like, you can commence with step 2.

The Step 2: why?

Once you know what your ideal lifestyle would look like, it’s good to also ask yourself why is this my ideal lifestyle? For how long could this be ideal? Why is this my ideal lifestyle? What am I looking for? Freedom, fulfilment, less stress? Running away from a job you don’t like to live on a beach and surf, is running away from a bad situation. It’s not running towards an ideal lifestyle, which is what you should be doing!

The step 3: how?

After figuring out the what & why, the next major step is the how. Most people that land on this blog will look for some form of passive income. Whether that be indexfunds/ETF’s, real estate, crowdfunding, private equity (Dutch only!), options trading, other investments and/or combination thereof. The idea is to have other people or businesses pay for your income.

The other option is to become a business owner yourself and make your own passive income streams as an entrepreneur. I’ve tried, but it’s not my thing. But I like the entrepreneurial attitude and I do see several of my friends being rather successful with their businesses. So it certainly is an option for some of you to do it this way. Again, potentially in combination with the above mentioned passive investment options.

Now, all the above takes times. Some people are able to figure all this stuff out by them selves (like us, failing along the way repeatedly). However, there are many folks that struggle (because it is hard). For those I like to introduce you to the following: a FIRE course.

Funding your ideal lifestyle: the course
Funding your ideal lifestyle: the course

A FIRE Course

When I started my own side hustle helping others get to FIRE, I always wanted to setup something that would provide a passive income stream. But at the same time educating others on the topic of money, personal finance, investing and FIRE. Problem is, my entrepreneurial spirit died before I got to that stage. Funnily, I met a few Dutch guys where that entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well. They did what I wanted to do, and way more!

I therefore would like to introduce everyone that could use some guidance with determining their ideal lifestyle, and finding a way to fund it, to the course they made: Funding your ideal lifestyle. Note, the course is only available in Dutch.

I’ve written a detailed post about this course and agreed a discount for those that want to give it a try. You can find my review of, and the discount code for, their FIRE course here. Yes, disclaimer here, I may get a commission if you sign up using the discount code on this blog. But that commission is certainly not the main driver here! Albeit we can always use some Euros, I really believe this ~30 hour course is worth its fee.


Whether or not you decide to give that course a go, the above three steps are valid for everyone that wants a happy life. Irregardless if they will make it to Barista FIRE, FI or “real” FIRE. You should roughly know what your ideal lifestyle would look like. Why you want it that way and how you would like to fund it. Only if you have goals, can your make the journey. That being said, don’t forget to enjoy the journey too! It should also be fun along the way.

Best of luck, wherever you are on your path to an ideal life!


  1. Nice read! Agree the why is critical. In times of bear markets even more so – without your ‘why’ and long term view these drops could cause panic and wrong choices.

    1. Very much true Jordan! A long term view, hard as that is, will eventually load your to the right end game. But the journey is worth enjoying!

  2. Quoting Simon Sinek, I would say: “Start with why”! The what and how will come later.
    By the way, there is no such thing as an ideal life. The grass is greener on the other side. The picture of the girl in the hammock? Probably swarming with mosquitoes. The nice view on the rocky bay? In the middle of nowhere, requiring a serious drive. Sometimes we only realise what wonderful life we already had after changing the scenery. So the single question to ask is: why!

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