1827 days of madness

Cheesy Finance celebrates it’s 5th year of blogging today! Thank you all for reading, commenting, clicking and investing during the last 1827 days of madness!

1827 days of madness
1827 days of madness

Cheesy Finance is 5 years old

In personal finance circles, we are actually dinosaurs! Well, we are not as old as grandpa Geldnerd, but still. We’ve been around for a while. It’s been a wonderful journey! We learned a lot, talked a lot, fantasied about castles and yachts. Life has been treating us well too. No complaining from our end.

If you are new to this blog, please check out our welcome page. If you are Dutch, you can also check out this Dutch section of the blog.

Summary recap of the last yearly anniversaries:

Some useless blog statistics

  • 349 blog posts to date
  • ~5400 comments (half of which are mine)
  • 5.62 GB of space used on the server
  • 2015: 6,963 page views – 200 seconds average reading time
  • 2016: 133,580 page views – 275 seconds average reading time
  • 2017: 561,665 page views – 377 seconds average reading time
  • 2018: 1,279,288 page views – 269 seconds average reading time
  • 2019: 2,004,141 page views – 349 seconds average reading time
  • 2020: ~1,250,000 page views to date – ~397 seconds average reading time

Best post ever: It’s fucking simple – 34.962 views

Best page: BlogRoll – 17.601 views

Free E-book (in Dutch): 252 downloads

Dividend Growth Investing Presentation: 675 downloads

What’s the plan?

Good question, I have no idea! We are still renovating our property to make it into two rental properties. I’m still waiting for the Corona effects to disappear so I can continue with the Barista FIRE lifestyle I was enjoying earlier this year. We continue to look for a (new) property of our own.

However, with the various uncertainties due to his virus, we have not been able to make any real plans what to do with our lives going forward. Time will tell.

The blog has been interesting, but also quite a lot of work. Going forward I’m only going to post whenever I feel like it. Whenever I have something new to mention (unlikely, most of what I wanted to research, I already did. Albeit taxes never stay the same!). Or if I need to rant. The latter is likely what will happen ๐Ÿ˜‰


Anyhow, thank you again for being readers of this blog. Thanks for those of you that are following us on Twitter. We appreciate your support and feedback. We hope to see some of you in the future in a castle, during a FIRE meetup or for coffee/beer. Until that time, take care, spend less than you make, invest the rest and repeat. But only do so while enjoying the journey that is called life!

Hope you join us for another 1827 days of madness!


  1. Congrats!
    I now have a blog for almost 9 years already….. With long periods of no posting at all and a reboot since march 2020 (due to obvious reasons ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). But always read a lot of blogs even in my downtime
    Love reading yours! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks!
      You were actually one of the first Dutch blogs I found when I discovered FIRE (together with Econowiser). I was so bummed when you stopped there for a while!
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Congratz on 5 year spamming about personal finance, you were one of the first blogs I found and made me change the way I look at money and life in general in a very positive way. So thanks, and please keep spamming us with your brainfarts, I will certainly join you.

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