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Hello Folks! Welcome to 2021, we at Cheesy Finance wish you all the best for the new year for you and your family. We hope (like everyone else on this planet) that 2021 will be a little bit better than last year. Well, at least in terms of freedom to move around and social interactions. We all spent a lot of time online in 2020. So I wanted to start off 2021 not doing the same thing. Therefore the social media challenge was born!

Social Media Challenge - Happy New Year!
Social Media Challenge – Happy New Year!

What’s the plan for the social media challenge?

For the month of January 2021, I will not be active on any social media platform. So no Twitter pictures of beer, not retweets of pretty graphs, nothing.

But wait, it get’s better! I will also not watch or read any regular media either. This will hopefully also reduce my screen time on my phone, which has gone up in recent months. I’m no teenager, but I’ve been staring at my phone for hours a day, with little to show for it. That’s got to change in 2021.

Hence, I’m going full ostrich for a month. I’m also going to be very lazy too. Simply because the weather is likely going to suck, lockdowns are still going strong and we have not much else we “need” to do. Albeit there is some work left on our renovation of our house.

Social Media Challenge - No Twitter!
Social Media Challenge – No Twitter!

Is it difficult?

No, not really, albeit I accidentally opened the Twitter app a few times on my phone. It’s scary how bad habits develop themselves! But it’s getting better already. The reason I did not delete the app already, is simply because I want to train myself in controlling my own behaviour, even when temptation is right there.

How does it feel?

Very good actually, I know it’s only been 3 days, but still. It’s great not to play with my phone all the time. It’s great not getting annoyed by the large plethora of idiots that are walking around on this planet and doing stupid things.

I mean, when you watch news or read the papers, pretty much the only thing you are getting is bad news, misery, depression and other negative bits. Shutting that out completely is very liberating. I’ve done it before and it really makes me happy.

Social Media Challenge – No Newspaper reading!

Yes, it’s a very ostrich approach of sticking ones head in the sand. Obviously the bad news is not going away. The corona virus suddenly does not disappear. The carrot in Washington is not going to stop being a moron. But not hearing about all this is great! It’s generally stuff that you cannot control anyways, so why bother with it? Why get excited or annoyed by it, if you cannot change the outcome anyways? It’s good to ignore certain things, certain news items.

But won’t you be out of touch with reality?

Yes, yes I will! And that’s the whole point. Reality is not always pink unicorns and rainbows. It’s most often misery and deception. Not being in touch with it is very rewarding.

That being said, Mrs CF was depending on me to know what was happening around the globe. As she is much smarter than I am and already didn’t worry too much what was happing in the world outside of her control. This means that both of us will be in the dark of what is going on at this planet in January.

Obviously we will keep an eye on the finances (read: our bank and investment accounts), we will also keep looking for a new property of ourselves, or an investment property (whichever comes first). The Funda app will be opened many, many times. Also, we will be keeping an eye on the school app for news about our daughters daytime activities. In short, we keep an eye on this things that directly affect us, but that’s it.

Are you planning on reducing your (social) media exposure in 2021?


  1. I removed fb and twitter from my phone. Still keep instagram but I put 2 photos per year, there. No temptations => less risks 🙂

    happy new year!

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