You need this

It’s Friday, you have worked hard all this week (or not at all). Yet, we are still fiddling around with this virus. There are still lot’s or restrictions and a limited number of things you can do. We still can’t travel (as much as we would like) either. So you need this, I need this, we all need this.

Just enjoy!

Here are some visual treats to help you through this last day of the week and into the weekend. You are welcome.

Hintersee, Bergsee, Mountains, Ramsau, Alpine, Clouds
jplenio | Pixabay
Desert, Landscape, Road, Highway, Travel, Sky, Clouds
jplenio | Pixabay
Petra, Ad Deir, World Heritage, Sand Stone, Antique
ChiemSeherin | Pixabay
Lake, Mountains, Trees, Forest, Reflection, Water, Sky
ChiemSeherin | Pixabay
Lake, Mountains, Snow, Water, Snowy, Winter
difusionastrouc | Pixabay
Lake, Forest, Park, Bench, Tree, Wood, Water
ilyessuti | Pixabay
Mountains, Lake, Boat, Bank, Moored, Reflection, Clouds
ilyessuti | Pixabay
Beach, Cliff, Bay, Sea, Ocean, Blue Sea, Blue Ocean
moorpheus | Pixabay
Indiana Dunes State Park, Beach, Lake Michigan, Sky
12019 | Pixabay
Trees, Fog, Street, Road, Lane, Lush, Greenery, Foliage
12019 | Pixabay

Happy weekend and cheers! You need this too.

Beer, Mug, Refreshment, Beer Mug, Drink, Bavaria
Alexas_Fotos | Pixabay

This public service announcement is brought to you by me :-).


  1. Ah, Cheesy, you are exactly right. Thanks for your visual treats, beautiful pictures. And thanks for reminding to set our focus on positive things.

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