All good things come to an end

You probably saw this coming, and so did I. I’m going to pull the plug from this cheesy blog. All good things come to an end. The FI journey has been completed (we are now part of the double comma club), there is not much more to report. It’s time for the next phase in life, and a blog is not longer a part of that.

The End

This blog has been a great tool to find out how we would get to the point where money is no longer a limiting factor for a good life. It has been a great tool to organise our thoughts on money matters, on investing and various other parts of FIRE and life.

The blog and the meetups which we organised with various people have resulted in many new friends. And in addition resulted in some great conversations, business ideas, business arrangements, laughs and more. I’ve virtually no regrets from starting and running the blog. It was probably one of the smartest thing’s I’ve done. But at the height of it, with multiple posts per week and a full time job, I did develop RSI. It’s taken me more than 3 years go get rid of that, it’s better now, but still not completely gone. I’m not sure if it every will.

All good things come to an end: time to say goodbye

Thank you!

I want to thank every one of you that visited the blog, left comments, gave inspiration for blog posts and went to one of our meetups. It’s been a blast and a great ride over the past (almost) 6 years. I’ve definitely enjoyed it and I hope that you did too.

The Twitter feed I will keep (as I still have fun with that), as well as the domain name. Heck, I might even find a very cheap hosting package and keep the blog online a bit longer (read after coming Septemer) to help new FIRE enthusiasts, but there will be no new content. It’s been a interesting ride. The End!

All good things come to an end: The End!


  1. Thank you so much! You were a great inspiration, I’ve been following your blog for years. I wish you all the best and ENJOY your FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE!

  2. My best wishes CF.
    You have been a great influence to me, showing that there is a Financial Independence community out there. Your meetups were amazing.
    Thank you.

  3. No surprise, but still a little sad.

    Thank you for the fun and informative posts of the past years and the meetups and personal encounters.
    Good to see that you stay close to what yóu want and like to do.

    We keep in touch!

  4. Ah Mr & Mrs & Little Ms Cheesy, this blog was an inspiration on multiple levels and I count my blessings to have you fi-people in my bubble, time for a beer, always, thanks for blogging!

    1. Oh, you are not going to get rid of me that easily! I’ll still bug you on twitter, heck, when we are in the USA again I might look you up!

  5. Ah Cheesy, we saw it coming indeed, but none the less i’m a little sad to see you go. I’m also curious how FI life is going for you, in, say, a year or two… Maybe a new blog (or post) then? Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and meetups and all the best to you and the miss and mrs. Take care!

  6. Thanks Cheesy for your inspiration. Great fun having met you in person several times, I hope more occasions will follow. Enjoy your membership of the double comma club.

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