Who are you?

We are a young(ish) older Dutch couple (early/mid-forties) with kid who became financially independent and screwed it up by buying a money pit.

Why on earth the name CheesyFinance.nl?

Well Dutch = Cheese + € = CheesyFinance.nl, ok it is a bit cheeky (cheesy?) but we thought it was funny. So CheesyFinance.nl was born back in 2015.

What do you do?

We work(ed) in both the financial and engineering/construction industries.

Where do you live?

In the Netherlands! More specifically, in the western portion of the country (i.e. the area referred to as the “Randstad”).

Why do you want to become financially independent?

Because it would be fantastic to no longer be dependent on a job, or anyone else for that matter. Have all the free time in the world to spend on hobbies, family and things that actually matter to you. Oh, and not having to get up early and/or sit in a traffic jam every morning to get to work (agreed, you can always move closer to work and cycle, but for some folks this is not an option due to the type of work).

Why is the blog in English and not in Dutch?

Most Dutch people are fairly good at the English language, but few foreigners know the Dutch language. Seemed like the logical choice to cater to a larger public and get some international feedback.

What can we expect from your blog?

There are many blogs out there that will help your find the “right” stocks, ETF’s, etc. We have nothing to add here, and we will not try either. The blog will be used as a brain dump and means to organize the thoughts of the Cheesy household when it comes to money and finances. Since we swore off Twitter, there might be the occasional beer pic too.