How to restart a blog?

I have no good idea honestly. I do know that I won’t put everything back that I wrote in the past, but what do you want to see? Or what would you like to see coming back?

The Plan

To be fair, there is no real plan. But after Twitter went completely down the drain (it always has been a bit of a drain to be honest), I wanted to make sure I had a place left as a legacy for Cheesy Finance where I can think out loud and have some fun.

What I have done so far is made an annoyingly yellow blog page. That should scare most normal people away and only the hardcore “fans” will stick around. I want to keep it smaller this time and primarily use the blog as a brain dump if I need one.

So far, I’ve got the following pages back up and running:

I might also bring back the Cheesy Index and some articles that I personally like. But since the wayback machine does great already, you can pretty much find all of the old blog here.

What do you think?

Albeit I’m going to be pretty selfish here and “blog” primarily for myself, I am curious what my readers would like to see, or what they have missed since I pulled the plug a while back. Don’t hold back!

What I personally would like is to have some meetups again. That being said, the organized meetups with presentation and food & drinks won’t be coming back. It simply takes too much time and effort for me, and I have other priorties at the moment. However, I would not mind meeting up at a bar or restaurant for a quick chat and some brainstorming about finance, FIRE and life in general. I always enjoyed that part of the meetups most.

Now I’m back off to do some renovations and install a balanced ventilation system in our new house money pit.

2 thoughts on “How to restart a blog?

  1. Hallo Cheesy Finance,
    Hoera, je blogt weer! Wat betreft je vraag: ik heb altijd met veel plezier je artikelen gelezen over Cheesy Index, dividend portfolio en ook (verhuur-)vastgoed (ik ken weinig blogs die over dit onderwerp schrijven).

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