Happy New Year!

We wish you the best for 2023, all in good health and financially succesful (of course)!

Happy New Year!

The new year will no doubt be interesting on all fronts. It has not been boring the the last few years, I expect no difference in 2023. We plan to finish the renovations of the house, optimize our finances. Perhaps even find new employment (or some other challenge to make daily life more entertaining).

Net Worth Drop

Financially we dropped a bit in Net Worth/Cheesy Index terms (still need to calculate how much), obviously because of the purchase of the money pit and limited income in the second half of the year. Also our Dividend portfolio took a bit of a beating. This all probably won’t change in 2023, I’m sure. It might take a few years before we find the upward trend again, but that is okay. We are still financially sound and have enough resources to get us through the coming year(s).

A Budget? What’s that?

That being said, I still have not done our budget for this year, at all. I have no idea how much we spend, how bad our inflation was, and more of the sorts. I might still have a look at this next year, or I might not. Living on the edge!

How about you? Any special plans for 2023? In any case, Happy New Year!