May 2023 dividend update

May is typically one of the slower months of the year from a dividend perspective. But we still received a total of €556 in dividends for the month. No complaining here! Now that we also sold a lot of our real estate, one of the considerations is to start buying a few more dividend generating shares. Anyhow, here is the May 2023 dividend update. Dividend Income No major changes or dividend modification this month. Nice and boring, but again more dividends than the year before! We reached our $1000 threshold again in cash, and bought some BCE (Bell) shares. We […]

Real Estate , Taxes

From Landlord to Lender

As of today, we reduced out real estate holdings significantly. We now only have one more rental unit, instead of the 6 we still owned last month. Rather than being landlords, we are now acting as the bank, as we provided the buyer of our real estate with a mortgage. So we went from landlord to lender. Why? Why did we sell most of our real estate holdings and turned lenders? There are quite a few reasons to be honest. It was also a process that took many months to culminate. In no particular order: The Deal What deal did […]