FIRE Meetup

When we had one of our FIRE buds over for dinner a few weeks ago, we got to the topic of FIRE meetups. We organized about 7 of them plus a Castle weekend. Albeit a lot of fun, they take a lot of work and effort to organise.

I’m very lazy by nature, so this naturally works counter productive. We both agreed thou, that it would be great to have a FIRE meetup again. But one without all the hassle (and thus also without presentations or cheap food and drinks). We came up with the following plan, we would meet in a place that does all the catering and does not cost any money to rent….

The Details

In short, the idea is to meet at a La Place restaurant… Fancy, I know 😁

  • Specifically this one: La Place Leiderdorp A4 – La Place
  • When: Saturday January 27th, 2024
  • Time: between 13:00 and 18:00 (or longer, opening hours are until 20:00)
  • Costs: whatever you spend at the bar/buffet
  • How to get there: by car (free parking) or by public transportation (go to Leiden Central Station and take bus 182, exit at Munnikenbrug)
  • What to wear: something with a flame (shirt, cap, pin, button, whatever, makes it easier to find each other)
  • What to bring: a good mood and a desire to talk money!

As we have not been very active blogging or on forums, if any of you readers can help spread this message around, that would be great!

Let us know in the comments (or by email) if you are interested to join!

18 thoughts on “FIRE Meetup

  1. Nice initiative, unfortunately I cannot join this time. But I will notify my email followers!

      1. I was notified by mr FOB, but unfortunately can’t join as well at this time. Hopefully you guys organise more meetings in the future!

  2. Zal er in het Nederlands of Engels gesproken worden? Ben niet heel comfortabel met Engels.

  3. Count me in! Have missed a lot of previous meet-ups (apparently I wasn’t in the loop? I should have been active on Slack?), but liked the one I did attend, so here’s hoping this will be good. Pro tip for next time: there are a lot of La Place’s at/near the major trainstations in the Netherlands. Maybe do something for the climate by stimulating train travel and pick one of those :)?

    1. we have not organized a meetup for 3 years now, they were always communicated via the blog (and I have pulled the plug on that a couple years ago).
      As to the pro tip, this one is cycling distance for me 😉 The benefits of organizing the meetups yourself 🙂 Plus, I gave public transport travel options for those that do need to travel from afar.

  4. Kaas. Hij staat hier ook in de agenda. ff zien of het thuisfront mij zo lang kan missen, maar dat komt vast goed.
    Fijne feestdagen

  5. Hallo Kaas,
    Wat top dat jullie dit weer organiseren!
    Ik ben er graag bij

  6. Ik ga proberen erbij te zijn, zal waarschijnlijk wel rond 15:00 zijn.

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