Energy , Finances

Down the Energy rabbit hole

We have been somewhat loyal customers of the utility company Green Choice the past 8 years. At the time we started they had a good price for green(er) energy and some other perks that made it a no brainer for us. We extended our contracts a few times in the mean time. Coming July our 3 year contract comes to a close. Hence, we just received a new offer and we have to make a decision what to do next. But the energy market is a whole lot different today than it was 3 years ago. So I went down […]

Jobs , Personal

Becoming a Public Servant

Life is never boring in the Cheesy household. After a somewhat unexpected loss of income at the beginning of the year, I have an update! I’ve got a new job, and one as a public servant! I bet you did not see that one coming. Me neither! Why on earth am I becoming a Public Servant? Let’s review, shall we? How a FIREd Brain works… Having a nice stack of cash (and investments) makes you review your career a bit differently, In my humble opinion. Whereas in the beginning of our careers we would focus more on money and career […]

FIRE Meetup

April 2024 Fire Meetup

As promised, here are the details for the next April 2024 Fire Meetup! Where? In the spirit of the previous meetup, plan is to keep it free and at a public location. Despite La Place being a lot more expensive than I remembered (heck, I am really getting old). They have good facilities, easy access and lots of space. Hence, plan is to meet at the La Place in De Meern (west of Utrecht). Address: La Place de Meern, Meerndijk 59, 3454 HP, Utrecht When? Saturday April 20th, 2024 from 13:00 onwards until…. (closing is at 20:00) What to bring? […]