April 2024 Fire Meetup

As promised, here are the details for the next April 2024 Fire Meetup!


In the spirit of the previous meetup, plan is to keep it free and at a public location. Despite La Place being a lot more expensive than I remembered (heck, I am really getting old). They have good facilities, easy access and lots of space. Hence, plan is to meet at the La Place in De Meern (west of Utrecht).

Address: La Place de Meern, Meerndijk 59, 3454 HP, Utrecht

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April 2024 Fire Meetup


Saturday April 20th, 2024 from 13:00 onwards until…. (closing is at 20:00)

What to bring?

Good spirits, a desire to talk money, investing and life. Also bring a filled wallet (see aforementioned note on expensive items at the La Place).

How to get there?

By car you can just drive straight there via de A12, exit De Meern (free parking):

Location Map FIRE Meetup Location La Place De Meern

You can also get here by taking the bus (107 and 28) from Utrecht Central station.


No registration required! But to get a sense about how many people are coming, a comment or email is always appreciated!

Hope to see you there!

19 thoughts on “April 2024 Fire Meetup

    1. Hi. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join tomorrow. Kids missing daddy tad bit too much and want to do an outing. I will try to join next time. Have a good one everyone !

  1. I’m also planning on joining, looking forward to seeing all of you there!

  2. Hoi Cheesy,
    Het was echt een heerlijke bijeenkomst in januari.
    Helaas kan ik in april niet komen, ben verhinderd op die datum.
    Locatie is beter en hoop van harte op een volgende meeting!
    Hartelijke groet, L.

  3. Would love to visit the meetup again, but it would take a lot of travel (living FIRE in Bolivia now).
    But maybe the next meetup will be at a time when we visit family and friends!

    Enjoy your time as a public servent. Done that for over 30 years 😉

    1. What, you are not flying in? So disappointed!
      Been keeping track of your escapades in Bolivia, best of luck there!

      Take care!

      1. Good morning, I would love to join the meet up this Saturday too! See you on Saturday!

  4. Leuk initiatief, en bijna in onze achter tuin. Wij (stel) schuiven ook graag aan. De vorige meet up konden we helaas niet.

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