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Home Battery vs an Electric Car?

Before diving into todays post, quick reminder that tomorrow we will be meeting with a bunch of internet strangers and talk money in the La Place, in de Meern. Hope to see you there! In this post from not to long ago, I looked at our expiring energy contract, dynamic energy contracts and energy trading using a home battery. I got a lot of feedback on this post, primarily offline. Very useful stuff though! It actually made us think again about a few issues and risks with the home battery for trading energy. Another thing that popped up was the […]


Q1 2024 Dividend Update

Before reviewing the Q1 2024 Dividend Update, quick reminder that there will be a FIRE meetup on April 20th near Utrecht. Hope to see you all there of course! Life has been eventful lately, and the money pit is very much improving at the moment. Albeit we are doing really well, it doesn’t look like we will be completely finished before I attempt life as a public servant. Fortunately, the new employer has a good work life balance scheme 🙂 So, I’m fairly confident that we will be able to finish the remaining works before the next winter season (works […]