January 2023 dividend update

Welcome to February! Boy, does life go fast when you get older… For those who complete Dry January successfully, well done! Without further delay, here is the January 2023 dividend update. Dividend Income In 2023 started again with another €1000+ month in dividend income terms. We continue the trend that we stated in 2022 with many months bringin in over €1000 in dividend income, and we like it! Add all this up and you get this yearly overview (in Euro’s): 2022 has been a very good year to say the least. We hope that 2023 will still beat it though. […]


December 2022 Dividend Update

Welcome to 2023! Today a quick look at the December 2022 dividend update and the overall yearly numbers of course. It’s been a great month and year, albeit the exchange rate had some impact to prevent a record month in euro terms. We did actually pull it off in CAD: $1505 in labor free income in December. Lovely. Dividend Income In 2022 we hit 8 months with more than €1.000 in divided income, which is an absolute record. In the previous years we didn’t even manage to get to that monthly number! Now, one month has it’s cause in a […]

Real Estate , Taxes

Dutch Real Estate and proposed Taxes

As noted in another post a while back, the Dutch Real Estate investors are under attack. The question remains, do you (partially) sell and move on with your money. Or is an assessment of your portfolio from a tax perspective a good idea (it always is). But now with the aim to find the financially best mode of investment if you want to keep your real estate portfolio and retire on it. Box 1, 2 or 3? What tax changes, when and how much? Those are the first things we need to know. Box 1 and 2 change are likely […]


2022 November Dividend Update

Welcome to December! Yup, I’m bringing these back. Not because we are actively investing in dividends shares, because we don’t (all cash is going to a money pit!). What I do like to showcase is the organic growth from a legacy portfolio started in 2015/2016, with no contributions since! For more history on what & how, see also our dividend portfolio page, this explains some other graphs below. Without further ado, here is the 2022 November Dividend Update. Dividend Income November is typically a very slow month as you can see in the graph below (relatively few companies distribute dividends […]