Below is a summary of a few blogs and sites that we enjoy. These blogs and websites provide a wide range of information about personal finance, traveling, budgeting, investing strategies, net worth, home renovations and much more.

There are obviously many more blogs out there, so if you find one that you think we will like, please let us know.



The First:

The 1500:

The After: (inactive, still worth a read)

The Aussies

The Badass:

The Belgians:

The Canadians:

The Cracker:

The Collins:

The Dutch (Blogging in English):

The Dutch (Blogging in Dutch): (Dutch PF Podcast)

The Diplomats

The Diversified

The Big Dr. ERN

The Hawk

The Hunter

The Frugal Weirdos:

The Minnesota Freak Show (aka Cubert)

The Mr. Free

The Octopus

The Overviews:

The Root:

The Travelers:

The Shape

The Swiss: (with Italian heritage)


  1. Hi Team CF
    Could you add

    to your blogroll? We write on investing in Dividend – and Growth Stocks and cover various Personal Finance Topics.

    Much appreciated being included on your list.

    Many thanks and best regards.


  2. Hi there,

    I’m Jasper Stojanovski from
    I’m 21 years old and I live in Geelong, Australia.

    I’m studying for a Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University and plan to major in finance and economics.

    I started my personal finance blog in November of 2018 with the goal of helping people save money, make more money, and ultimately—build wealth.

    Some of my articles rank on the first page of Google for terms like “how to invest 20k” and “how much do stockbrokers make”.

    I was wondering if you would consider adding me to your blogroll?

    It would make my day!


  3. Great list! Perhaps you can take a look at my blog and if you like the content, you can add it to your bloggrol too! My blog focusses on the combination of personal finance, fitness and lifestyle.

    Gr. The Full Potential

  4. Hi Cheesy,

    I is possible you chang my hypotheekweg blog to

    Hypotheekweg is being inactivated very soon.

    Mr FinVrij (former hypotheekweg)

  5. Great list, have pretty much overlap with mine (which is still under construction…). Probably was laughing more than appropriate at “The Frugal Weirdos” and especially at “The Minnesota Freak Show” but knowing Cubert this makes sense 🙂

  6. I stumbled on your site and as you will see from my site, I love financial and corporate satire. I enjoyed the translated bitcoin article about not investing.

    I have a link for you from my site I thought you would appreciate, given your Dutch nationality!

    vriendelijke groeten,

  7. Hallo mr. Cheesy,

    Ik lees al tijden jouw blog en geniet vooral van de maandelijkse cheesy index. Erg indrukwekkend waar jij/jullie mee bezig zijn. De verschillende blogs hebben mij geïnspireerd om mijn eigen blog te starten. Niet om geld mee te verdienen, maar gewoon om mijn verhaal te delen.

    mijn blog is gelddromer .nl

    Ik heb jouw blog al in mijn blogroll zitten. Als jij mijn site wat vindt; zou jij deze ook op jouw site willen vermelden?

    Met vriendelijke groet,


    1. Dank je wel, jullie staan er tussen. Heel veel succes met bloggen, maar doe vooral rustig aan, kost onwijs veel tijd en net als met FO doe je het voor de lange termijn!

      1. Bedankt! Goeie tip; Ik heb er deze week al veel tijd in zitten. Het plan is eigenlijk ook minimaal 1 bericht per maand en max 1 per week. (zit er met 3 drie deze week al ruim over). Bedankt voor de reacties op mijn site!

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