Below is a summary of a few blogs and sites that we enjoy (or enjoyed). These blogs and websites provide a wide range of information about personal finance, traveling, budgeting, investing strategies, net worth, home renovations and much more. I hope it is a great source of inspiration for you, as it has been for us.

There are obviously many more blogs out there, so if you find one that you think we will like, please let us know.

It’s also interesting to see how the blogroll develops over the years. Most people start a blog (as we did, back on 2015), find out what the they need to do in terms of their finances, and then they move on (read: the blog dies). We did the same there, but life changes, and so do one’s finances (and in my case, the desire to have some legacy of how the FIRE journey happened – hence the revival of the blog). Especially the blogs that are around longer give a good insight about the ups and downs of human life and it’s finances.

Happy Reading!



The First:

The 1500:

The After: (inactive, still worth a read)

The Aussies

The Badass:

The Belgians:

amber tree leaves)

The Canadians:

The Cracker:

The Collins:

The Dutch (Blogging in English): (inactive)

The Dutch (Blogging in Dutch):

De Geldsnor (inactive) (Dutch PF Podcast)

The Diplomats

The Big Dr. ERN

The Hawk

The Frugal Weirdos:

The Minnesota Freak Show (aka Cubert)

The Mr. Free

The Octopus

The Overviews:

The Root:

The Shape

The Swiss: (with Italian heritage – inactive)