A Cheesy Story

It’t time for a very Cheesy story. Why? Because I just did an interview with a woman’s magazine. I’m not sure when the interview will be posted and the magazine comes out, but I wanted to have this post ready[…]

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FIN-X 2019

As mentioned before, my passion for FIRE is weakening. Hence the slower pace of blogging. Over the last few years I’ve also been involved in over 15 different meetups and FIRE/investing related events. I’ve really enjoyed it, but I discovered[…]

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The rat race to FIRE

The Rat Race to FIRE

During a rather fun weekend with 19 other FIRE enthusiasts in a castle in Limburg, the Netherlands, we had many conversations about FIRE. Primarily the “soft” side of it. There are many aspects of FIRE that are simple, such as[…]

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It's fucking simple!

It’s fucking simple!

Becoming FIRE? It’s fucking simple! Spend less money than you make, and do something useful with the rest. It’s not that hard, now is it? So why are there still thousands of personal finance blogs right now? Do we still[…]

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