Have you every realized that we as humans are extremely good at not solving the core problem (i.e. the root cause), but rather stick Band-Aids on it? Band-Aids What make this really bad is that we do this with almost[…]

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Career Switch

It’s official, Mr. CF is going to do a career switch (sorry, it’s not one yet that revolves around FIRE….)! Where my former career was primarily revolving around project engineering, project management and design management, it will change to cost[…]

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The K9 Experience

Dogs are fun, but also expensive and impact your required wealth for F.I.R.E. Is the K9 experience worth it? The K9 Experience Dogs have a special place in the CF Household. Mrs. CF grew up with dogs, and so did[…]

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Getting Rich by using other people's money

Mr CF, Are You Mad?

I (Mr. CF) have been a long time fan of cars. Having seen every episode of Top Gear at least twice and most Fifth Gear episodes at least once, I’ve visited many (international) car and car tuning shows, my love[…]

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Creative Living Options

For most people, one of the largest expenses within their budget are living costs (i.e. combined expenses for rent/mortgage, utilities, taxes, insurance and/or maintenance). In a past life we joint in on this by buying a McMansion. Although it was[…]

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Cheesy Finance

What to expect?

Ok, so we started a blog. What to expect? I don’t even know what to expect! Welcome to! If you are wondering about the name, please see our “About Us” section for some details. So what’s the plan? What[…]

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