The FIRE community is great! There are some really creative and fun people out there. Sometimes this results in an interview, sometimes in a Savings Rate or dividend overview. Below is a short summary of blogs that have featured us in one way or the other. We are very grateful for this and always love to return the favor!


We are fans of the European Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) site FIREHub, the European counterpart of Rockstar Finance. Occasionally some of our feature posts end up on this blog too. So go over and have a look!

Featured - FIR€hub


Mr CF was interviewed for a large Dutch news outlet: Nu.nl. See here for the article and here for my comments on the feedback.

Featured On - A Life Less Conventional

We were honored to have been able to kick-off the “FIRE around the world” interview series by “a life less conventional“.

Featured On - Rockstar Finance

A little while ago we were contacted by Mustachian Post with the question to participate in an upcoming post on cars driving by personal finance bloggers. As a car enthusiast I happily agreed (we currently only own a Prius, please don’t judge…). Never realized the post ended up on Rockstar Finance though 🙂

Beleggers Belangen Logo

We were also interviewed for a Dutch investment magazine (Beleggers Belangen) by Cleo Scheerboom (also co-writer of a Dutch “finance for dummies” book).

Savings Rates

Featured On - Mustachian Post

Mustachian Post has this great overview call the Blogger Savings Rate Index (#BSRI).

We are proud to have been included and are actually Gold Badass Savers for 2016 and 2017!

Featured On - 2016 BSRI Gold Badass Saver
Featured On - 2017 BSRI Gold Badass Saver

Dividend Updates

Features On - Dividend Diplomats

The bad boys of the Dividend Diplomats make these great community overview, which sometimes includes some of our dividend updates as well!