FIRE Coaching

If you are inspired by what you read on this blog, make sure you go for it! Your journey to financial independence cannot start soon enough! Time is  your friend with investing. But if you want help, or want to discuss your investments, let me know. I’d love to help with FIRE Coaching!

FIRE Coaching

I’ve got a big passion for anything with that revolves around FIRE. From the lifestyle side to the investment side. I’m a generalist by nature, which is reflected in our investment portfolio. My wife and I had the urge to try many different investments to see which fit our personal investment profiles.

I’ve also made several mistakes along the way. But this life journey also gives me the ability to help you, and have you avoid some of the same mistakes!

Personal lifestyle coaching to reach FIRE.
FIRE Coaching

Coaching Sessions

With most people it takes between 2-3 hours to discuss the various options for their FIRE plan. Most of the time this includes:

  • Assessing your personal finances, optimizing them where possible
  • Making financial goals
  • A review of the basics of the various investments and the associated risks
  • Developing a plan to invest and review your portfolio

If you are interested in a coaching session with me, please drop me an email at info “@” We can do one face-to-face (depending on your location, subject to travel fees) or via skype. The choice is up to you.


My hourly rate for 2020 is €100 including applicable taxes in the Netherlands. For face-to-face sessions, travel costs (€0.5/km) and parking fees (at costs) are extra. 

Is that a lot of money?! Probably not, just think about it this way:

  • It saves you many, many hours of reading up on the various topics. 
  • If after a 2 hour coaching session you have enough confidence to finally start investing, you only need to invest €4.250 @ 4% to earn your money back. Anything beyond that is pure profit for you!
  • It might get you more freedom in life once you turn your finance around, or improve them, and get more confident.


Investing always comes with risks! I won’t tell you what to invest in or what to buy. Any investment decisions are always up to you. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions! I’m not taking any liability regarding investment losses, directly or indirection, as a result of a coaching session.