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If you are inspired by what you read on this blog, make sure you go for it! Your journey to financial independence cannot start soon enough, as time really is your friend when it comes to investing. That beings said, you do need to feel comfortable with your financial life and investment choices. Some people, and you might be one of them, benefit from a bit of additional support and guidance on their personal finance and FIRE journey. Anyone interested in an ideal lifestyle and FIRE course perhaps?

An ideal lifestyle and FIRE course?

I temporarily made a entrepreneurial endeavour and started my own FIRE coaching business. Albeit not completely unsuccessful, making your hobby into a profession was not what I hoped it would be. The contact with clients was amazing and very rewarding. But the marketing, content creation and all the “behind the scene” work was not as fulfilling as I imagined it would be.

I had big plans initially and wanted to reach as many people as I could. In order to do this I was considering making an online FIRE course. It would provide some passive income for us, whilst helping a lot of people at the same time. A big win-win.

However, I never got around to that part. Now that I have decided to not continue with this entrepreneurial endeavour, I discovered a few gentlemen already made the course that I had in my mind! Actually, they went beyond what I envisaged, and with a slight broader twist. I’ve studied their coursework and content and am pretty impressed with what they made. Here is my review and recommendation to give it a go if you think you need it!

Should you buy an island?
FIRE Course – finance your ideal lifestyle

The Team

The Team behind this financial awareness/FIRE course is a bit of an unlikely duo. One is a hard-core entrepreneur, the other a wage slave with a love for water sports. However, both have a above average interest in personal finance and intentional living. Together they form a great team and have the ability to make an good happiness, personal finance and FIRE course. One that looks at multiple ways to finance your ideal lifestyle.

Mark Siegenbeek van Heukelom is the founder of “The Startup of Dreams” and works as a trainer, coach, author and quarterlife expert. He already wrote two published books. The first one is call “Is dit het nou?” and the second is called “Helemaal naar de meditering”. Both books combine positive psychology, self-help, eastern and western philosophies and current-day science to provide you with insights into a happier life. Oh, and he is an all-round good guy in real-life too.

The second part of the team is Hugo. Hugo is more like us, he is a wage slave with an interest in personal finance and real estate. He lives on a boat (!) and is getting experience this way for his trip of sailing around the world. This life attitude and his bold plans makes him a bad-ass in my book.

In short, these gentlemen make a great combination to think both inside and outside the box. Their life goals are similar to us, as they also want to have more (financial) freedom to shape their life the way that makes them happy.

The Goal

As noted, Mark and Hugo made a personal finance and lifestyle course titled “finance your ideal lifestyle” (“Bekostig je ideale levensstijl“). The course is currently only available in Dutch.

The course consists of a total of 76 individual lectures with a total duration or approximately 30 hours. It includes various assessments and exercises to help you discover what your (ideal) lifestyle and personal preferences entail.

The goal is to help you from from start to finish in defining your ideal lifestyle, get your finances under control and start investing or make your own businesses. All to reach that end goal of getting to a financially sustainable ideal lifestyle. Your ideal lifestyle.

What to expect?

The layout of the course is as follows (each of the 10 chapters are broken down into several modules you can watch and do when you have time):

  1. Introduction of the course and two assessments to get more personal insights into your ideal lifestyle.
  2. Financial Freedom: the what, why and how.
  3. Money habits: back ground information about “money types” and how these limitations can hold you back financially.
  4. Money habits: several tips and tricks to break specific money habits.
  5. Getting grip on your finances: introduction how to budget and get your finances under control with the least amount of efforts.
  6. Investing and investments: details about the FIRE movement, index/ETF investing and other FIRE principles and opportunities.
  7. Investing and investments: additional education about passive income investing and what to consider.
  8. How to become an entrepreneur: strategies for entrepreneurship and how to create (scale-able) income.
  9. A rich life: creating the balance between money and happiness. Making and following the plan to finance your ideal lifestyle.
  10. The vault: many personal finance items are explored in this section. All with the intent to streamline and optimise your income and expenses and get you to your ideal lifestyle just a bit faster, all while still enjoying a fulfilling life.

Why would you pay money for a course?

Granted, most of the information in the course can be found online for free (or you go to the library for a few books). So why pay money for a course? Here are a couple of reason why you may want to:

  • Someone bothered to summarise all this information, so you don’t have to (it’s smart to be efficient with your time. As time is money too! Ironically, this is mentioned in the course as well.).
  • In addition to the note above. Many entrepreneurs get good at what they do by buying information and knowledge. Simply because their time is better spend making money (income), rather than looking for information (an expense). You will also be learning about this entrepreneurial mindset in this course, which can be quite useful.
  • A course is normally setup to “force” you to learn something, so it has exercises and assessments to make you focus and remember more information/knowledge.
  • When you pay for something, you are more motivated to make sure you get value out of this money. You tend to do more with the information than when it’s given to you for free.
  • You can get support from the team members above if you have any questions or concerns. There are opportunities to ask questions during the course.
  • It’s fun!

The FIRE Course: finance your ideal lifestyle!

Just for readers of this blog, we agreed on a discounted price of only €197 (including sales tax) for this course. We all feel that money should not hold you back in finding that ideal lifestyle, and think this price give you very good value for money.

If you want to order the course for this discounted price, please use the code “CHEESY-KORTING” when you purchase here.

The Disclaimer

A full disclaimer is in order here. There is no affiliate link in this post. However, if you use the discount code noted above, we will get a small commission. As noted, I have researched the course myself and think it could be worth the money for some of my readers. However, it’s up to you to make the decision independently whether you feel it could be of interest to you.