Welcome at Cheesy Finance!

Welcome at Cheesy Finance! Glad you found our little corner of the financial independence part of the interweb. We are a Dutch couple with kid who are on a path to become Financially Independent & Retire Early (FIRE). Yes, we like to dream big 🙂

Welcome at Cheesy Finance!

Where to start? Depends on why you are here! Below you can find a short guide that may help your navigate this blog:

  • In case  you want to know how we are, check out the “about us” page. Mrs CF is still hard at work to help us become Financially Independent. I (Mr CF) already quit my unsatisfactory job and am now a stay-at-home dad. However, I also do (renovation) work our real estate and have a (slightly successful) side hustle. Life is good!
  • We also did a podcast (in Dutch) that you can listen to, please check out this post. Mr. CF also did one in English!
  • Mrs CF likes to read books, some of those can be found in our “Recommended by Us” section.
  • Myself (Mr. CF) likes to read other blogs, my favorite can be found here.
  • We are also very HOT! No, not that way, we are Happy, Opportunity Rich and Time Rich (the latter specifically applies to Mr. CF, once we are FI it will also apply to Mrs. CF. When/if she also quits her day job….).
Welcome at Cheesy Finance! Do you want to become HOT too?

Stuff we write about

Mrs. CF is primarily the brains behind the scenes, Mr. CF is the one who writes almost all this nonsense. However, I sometimes have a brainwave and “useful” stuff is noted down.

Noteworthy posts include:

You can also select many more posts (in various categories, see sidebar menu) about taxes, dividend investment income, real estate and lots of life experiences.

Hope you have fun! Want to chat, drop us a message at info (@) cheesyfinance.nl or leave a comment.

Thanks, Team Cheesy Finance.