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Albeit we don’t like to spend our money on many things, there are a few items that we really would recommend. Here are a few affiliate links that you could use to buy the various items. It does not cost you anything extra, and we can earn a bit on the side to keep the hosting costs in reign 🙂 So here is the “recommended by us” section. Many thanks in advance!

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What “Services” should you check out?

One of the biggest expenses for most people are housing expenses. It’s key to make sure you have a low interest rate on your mortgage. Or, if you have a higher rate from a few years ago, that you investigate if you can refinance and drop your monthly payments. The link below might be interesting to see if you can lower your housing expenses. Or find out what the best rates are for your new mortgage.

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If you have decided to keep some cash on the side, but might not need it straight away, make sure it still makes some money for you. One of the great places to do this is via Raisin.

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Banking is key for this day and age. But you want to make sure you pay as little as possible, while still getting a good level of services. If you could also help the planet at the same time, this would be a great combination! The Bunq bank and their associated Mastercard option might be the right thing for you (do use credit responsibly!!). They are available in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Green card


The Travel Card


What “stuff” should you check out?

The following items we have at home and we would buy again in a heartbeat if they would break or get lost. In short, we like them a lot, you might too!

Recommended by us
Recommended by us – High Quality (most of the time anyways)


Here are a few books that we (well primarily Mrs CF) have read and liked, or at least got some new ideas from.


Because we do a lot more cooking we decided to spent some money on good kitchen equipment. This stuff is really expensive, but so worth the money! We have the large Magimix 5200XL and that thing is amazing! The power blender is also used daily for smoothies and such. We use the Mini one for grinding of nuts and seeds. For example cashews, which we add to a spinach pasta, makes it very creamy! This stuff is super sturdy, their customer service is generally good and it should last you a very long time.

Outdoor & Sports

Before we had our kid, we did lots of hiking and workouts. Here are some of the things we use(d). Again, we don’t mind to spend a bit of money if it’s making our life more comfortable (like the Deuter packpacks) or fun (like the GPS sport watches). I still have the Northface Borealis backpack, I’ve only managed to destroy 1 in the past 15 years. Mind you, the water proof lining will start to flake after about 8-10 years. That being said, I will buy one again in a heartbeat.