Recommended by Us

Albeit we don’t like to spend our money on many things, there are a few items that we really would recommend. Here are a few affiliate links that you could use to buy the various items. It does not cost you anything extra, and we can earn a bit on the side to keep the hosting costs in reign ­čÖé So here is the “recommended by us” section. Many thanks in advance!

Recommended by Us

The following items we have at home and we would buy again in a heartbeat if they would break or get lost. In short, we like them a lot, you might too!

Recommended by us
Recommended by us


The following books gave us some nice insights or helped with our mental change towards FIRE.

For the Kitchen

We have the following stuff to create our Frugal-licious recipes and they work extremely well.

Want to cook healthy and tasty, the following books helped out a lot. Including the science behind the recipes!

Other Items

Here are some other items that we use, including sports gear, and find really good value.

I’ve only had two NorthFace backpacks in my life so far, quality is amazing! For day trips we use the Deuter one, no more sweaty back.

We have it’s predecessor since 2007 and it’s still going strong after more than 20.000 photos!