I Quit! No, not with the blog, I quit my job today. I will officially be unemployed as of the beginning of May. You have no idea how good this feels. But what is next? Well, there first will be the 9 week road trip, some home & rental property renovations and then I will start my new business!

I Quit!

Albeit we are getting close(r), we are not yet FI, so cannot RE either. However, we are more “free” than we sometimes realize. Mainly because we do now have a pretty decent cash-flow income from real estate and dividend. Plus we have a nice stash of cash. With all this wealth we are now able to “buy” ourselves some extra freedom. Both literally and figuratively.

The peace of mind you get from have a nice pile of money and investments is amazing! The other benefit is the luxury that you get in making life choices. Where Mrs CF loves her work, I don’t. Now having the ability to say “F-you” to my employer, because I have a safety net, is a luxury position I only now start to grasp.

The interesting thing is, that even with just Mrs CF’s job I could have made this decision sooner. But there is something strange about quitting your job if you always had one. There is this fear of losing that steady paycheck. Even if you technically can easily do without. Emotions are a strange phenomena!

I Quit!

I Quit!

What’s Next?

Beside the fund stuff of travelling and doing renovations. I’m getting really excited about the starting of my own business. The scary part of stepping into the unknown and doing something completely new is very thrilling. I’m loving that feeling! As crazy as that may sound.

I’m not about to reveal my new business plan and business name (yet?). Mainly because I would loose whatever “privacy” I have here at Cheesy Finance. I’m not comfortable with that much exposure, especially as a lot of financial details are available on the blog. Perhaps this changes in the future, but for now I’m going to (try) to keep the two apart.

I Quit! Next I start up

I Quit! Next I start up

As my new business is completely different from what I (still) do in my daily life, I have a very steep learning curve ahead. I’m going to make lots of mistake, but due to the type of business the failures will have a limited financial impact. However, to limit the amount of mistakes I have already reached out to several more experienced people that could help out. All of these folks have their own business, albeit in wildly different fields. Funnily enough, they have very similar tips and tricks, guess there must be something to it? 🙂

Things that are on the “to do list” include:

  • developing a business plan (actually revising it, as we already made one)
  • registering the company, arranging insurance and website (latter is already up and running in basic form)
  • developing of various products
  • marketing
  • getting my first paying gig.

How hard can it be? 😉

In future posts (as of Q3-ish) I will reveal more about how I’m going to start up my company, the mistakes I will make, the things that go well and if I actually will make any money at it. The plan is to make both passive and active income streams, the passive to pay “the bills”. The active because I actually enjoy doing it.


Any of you that are freelancers? What are the most important tips you have for me?

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