After we came back from our holiday in Belgium, I decided on the drive back that I needed to get my a$$ moving. I used to be reasonably fit, but since we got Miss CF it has slipped quite a bit. Time for a change, time for a challenge! It’s time of the Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge 🙂

The Plan

Let me know if this sounds familiar: I cannot do things in moderation! If I go for something, I tend to go full throttle. The applies to life, candy, work, FIRE and workouts. There is a major downside to this, once I take a break the project/goal usually falls apart. See previous attempts as a running challenge here, here and here with Amber Tree leaves (albeit he, actually had a good reason).

Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge

Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge

The plan for this challenge will therefore be a bit more “modest”. The exercise challenge is as follows:

  • Exercise every day for a month (starting on May 1);
  • Workouts need to be frugal (running, cycling, home workouts, etc.), not going to spend any extra money on this (the Cheap Athlete should be proud!);
  • Speed, distance, durations, etc., don’t matter! Just get moving;
  • Don’t get injured (duh…);
  • Eat as healthy as possible (to improve recovery); and,
  • Keep a record (using my Garmin GPS watch for this – no affiliate link, but I do love this thing and it has served me well).

The Initial Results

These are actually rather good. I’ve been able to exercise every day. Started slow with running a ~2.5km loop (to avoid my knee playing up) and I’m up to about 20km so far. But I also cycled to work 3 times in the last 2 weeks. This was about 163km of cycling with amazing morning views:

Please note that I did not ran for about a year. Cycling to work was restricted as I was working on location for the whole Q1 of 2017. This was limiting my transport options to the car unfortunately. A slow start, in terms of pace at least, is therefore critical!

See the overview below with the exercise details:

May 2017 Cheesy Finance Exercise Challenge

May 2017 Exercise Challenge – First results

Going forward I’ll keep running and hope to be able to cycle to work twice (perhaps 3) times per week. Will try to do a weekly update, but work is busy and I might not have sufficient time.

Observations and Random Notes

Couple observations of the past 11 days (wrote this post last Thursday):

  • Man, I’m out of shape!
  • Why am I doing this…….
  • Cycling is great fun, especially early in the morning when it is fairly quite
  • This GPS watch and it’s data is so much fun to play with 🙂
  • You get really tired legs when working out every day
  • Did I mention I’m out of shape?
  • I sleep better
  • Working out does make you feel better, happier and more productive
  • I eat tons more, but this did not start until May 8th
  • I’m getting more motivated to do an olympic distance triathlon (goal for next year)
  • Wow, I’m really out of shape 😉
  • Hoping my six pack will eventually return too… has been a few years 🙁
  • Curious if this is going to attract a lot of people to this blog again (total pageviews of the running challenge with Amber Tree Leaves was about 3500+ times to date…..)
  • Heck yeah, I’m going to finish this thing strong!

How about you, want to join in?

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